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About L&M Soccer

We carry all of the major brands, including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Diadora, Umbro, Canterbury, Gilbert, Warrior, New Balance, Elletto, Sportira, Dunbar Medical, Skills, Kwik Goal, 360 Athletics, Reusch, Sells, Ulsport

Our business basically consists of 4 parts for both sports:

1. Equipment & footwear, everything that you could possible need to play the games. Our shoe sizes start at 8Y for the beginner soccer star and carry on all the way up to size 16. We always have the newest colours and styles that you can catch your favourite professional athletes wearing.

2. Training apparel and compression gear.  Anything from hot weather moisture wicking to cold weather heat gear.  This is a important part of the game that is often over looked.

3. Team uniforms, from clubs to men's and women's recreational teams, we number, crest, name and logo in house.  We are affiliated with many soccer and rugby associations as well as colleges and universities in both the Durham Region and Toronto area. Our goal is to build lasting partnerships.

4. Licenced apparel, we carry as many teams, from as many leagues and countries around the world that the company’s offer here in Canada.

About the Owners:

At our Whitby location you will find the owners of the business Mark and Lynne Taylor.

Their two daughters, Hayley and Rachel Taylor, run the Toronto location.


I've been shopping at L∓M Taylor soccer since I started playing soccer 15yrs ago. I wouldn't ever buy soccer gear anywhere else. I'm a bit of a nomad but I always bring the beautiful game with me and I've been to soccer stores all over Canada and the UK. I have never found one that even compared to L∓M in service quality and price. They also have way better gear here too top quality boots and clothing not found at many stores.

I've been shopping at L∓M Taylor for over a decade. We always receive fabulous customer service here. They really know their stuff. We're a soccer family, with four kids and two adults playing the beautiful game. It's become a family legend that Mark, the owner, can find my kids the right shoe in the right size on the first try every single time. That's not usually the case for me. With my orthotics, it's trickier to find a good fit. He knows the brands and styles with the deeper heel cup I need. Even if he has to show me a dozen pairs, Mark patiently pulls out box after box. In the end, I always find a good fit without paying a fortune. I especially appreciate the way he always show my brand-conscious son the shoes and keeper gloves within our price range, rather than pulling out the pricey ones we can't afford. It's these helpful, knowledgeable, low-pressure sales tactics that keep us coming back, year after year.

Great knowledge from employee's very helpful, lots of selection